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Maps and Facts About Real Estate in St. Mary's County, Maryland

Real estate in St. Mary's County for the past 5 years has been designed to accommodate military personnel stationed at Pax River and civilian employees doing business with the Government. Numerous town home and small single family homes have been constructed for military buyers and larger homes on lovely lots in quiet communities have been constructed for sale to officer and civilian employees. A number of private businesses doing business with the government have located local offices and their employees have required a significant increase in available homes for sale in St. Mary's County too.

st marys county maryland mapSt. Mary's County was Maryland's first county, dating to 1632. In past years, St. Mary's County was known as the quiet rural southern most county in Maryland. The most unique feature was the occasional Amish horse carriage along the roadside. Today, St. Mary's County is a vibrant community with the major employer, the Naval Air Station Patuxent River (Pax River) booming with approximately 20,000 military and civilian employees. That means housing and lots of it.

While prices have risen over the past 5 years, St. Mary's County homes are still lower than homes in Charles County by 15% and lower than homes in Calvert County by 23%.



Average Income Families W/Children

St. Mary's County
Great Mills
Lexington Park
$ 67,576
$ 69,352
$ 52,105
$ 79,170
$ 79,170
$ 44,451
$ 76,412
$ 92,364
$ 108,361







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St. Mary's Home
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